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Township of Zorra
Image of Historically Bound book

"Historically Bound" The History of Embro and West Zorra was officially released at a book launch on December 7, 2008, at the Embro West Zorra Community Centre.  The two volume set contains over 1,600 pages and profiles each of the Concessions and Lots in West Zorra and streets in Embro and Harrington.  The book looks at settlements, development of agriculture, government, business, architecture, military, sports, education, war years and profiles hundreds of families in West Zorra and Embro. 

Copies of "Historically Bound" can be purchased at the Township Office for $100.00 or by contacting Margaret Lupton at 519-475-4443 or Helen Brenneman at 519-475-4874.

Township of East Nissouri: People, Perseverance, Progress started out as a local history book.  It quickly turned into more – a record of the lives of ordinary people, whether they achieved fame and fortune beyond the township borders or simply raised their children among friends and family.  Given the passage of 150 years, no township history book could ever be complete, but in these pages you’ll read about familiar individuals as well as communities, businesses, schools, and our agricultural heritage.

Copies of this book are no longer available as both printings quickly sold out.

North Oxford was a great place to live, work and play and was made so by citizens that went before.  In less than 200 years North Oxford has changed from a forest to some of the most productive farm land in the world and we can be proud of the stewardship of today’s farming community and those generations before.  From Forest to Farm:  The Story of North Oxford Township was completed in 2015.  The committee has strived to create a history book of North Oxford that will be read and cherished for many generations.  Our goal was to write a history book that is informative, entertaining and affordable for everyone. 

Copies of this book can be purchased at the Township Office or JC Graphics for $75.00 or contact Pauline Hanlon at 519-485-0578.


What's happening in Zorra?  More info and history of Zorra Township including events from 2013.  Copies available at the Township office or at JC Graphics in Thamesford for $35 each.

Image of the Harrington Grist Mill

The Harrington Community Club is dedicated to the preservation of rural heritage and the authentic restoration of the Harrington Grist Mill as a functional museum and working educational site. 

This restoration work was profiled in the Fall 2010 edition of Zorra Now.

Harrington Grist Mill Restoration Project
Tim Van de Kemp, Chairman

Watch the YouTube video - Harrington Mill Restored!

Image of George Leslie Mackay

A Canadian Hero in Taiwan
George Leslie Mackay (1844 - 1901)
Son of Scots immigrants, Presbyterian missionary George Mackay was born near Embro in Zorra Township. In 1872, he founded the first overseas mission in Tamsui, Taiwan. An unconventional character, but sensitive to local needs, Mackay practised dentistry and trained local clergy. He married a Taiwanese, Tiun Chhang-Mian, and had three children. The "Black-Bearded Barbarian" worked in the Tamsui region until his death, established 60 chapels, several schools and a hospital. In 1881, he raised funds here in Oxford County to help build Oxford College, Tamsui, which later became a university. He was also an outspoken opponent of the Canadian head tax on Chinese immigrants. An inspiration to the evangelical missions movement in Ontario, Mackay remains a national hero in Taiwan. (Ontario Heritage Foundation)