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Township of Zorra
Respecting the rights of other property owners is an important aspect of being a good neighbour.  By-laws and zoning restrictions are in place to ensure one another’s rights and make our community the best place that it can be to live, work and raise our families.  Most situations can be resolved through awareness of the applicable regulations listed on this page. 

Knowing what the rules are can help you and your neighbours: 
  • prevent neighbourhood problems from occurring
  • avoid costly Township and Provincial enforcement fines
  • develop a stronger sense of neighbourliness by working out your problems rather than getting the Township, Police or other department/agency involved

An effective way to deal with neighbourhood problems is for residents to discuss their concerns with one another and work together to arrive at an acceptable solution.  If communication between neighbours is not possible, our By-law Enforcement Officer is available if there is a situation where a resolution is not practicable or if you need advice.  

The Township of Zorra follows a formal By-law Enforcement Policy that governs the handling of by-law complaints and ensures thorough, prompt and courteous receipt, processing, investigation and resolution thereof. 

Complainants are protected under the Municipal Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act and every complainant will be kept completely confidential and not be intentionally divulged to any member of Council, the public or media.View the By-law Enforcement Policy for more information.

Mathew Paul
By-Law Enforcement Officer
Phone:  519-485-2490 ext 230

Some By-laws of interest to the public are posted on this website under By-laws and Policies.