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Recently Township of Zorra Staff or a contractor authorized by the Township removed tree(s) near your property.  As a result, we are offering you two replacement trees for each one removed should you desire it.

We intend to deliver replacement trees to you in the spring of each year.  We will be contacting you once we are aware of the delivery date.

Any trees planted must comply with Township of Zorra By-Law 21-01.  If you wish, we can provide you with a copy of this by-law.  We will provide you with stakes to demark the location you prefer for the new planting.  If the trees cannot be planted in the exact location you select, we will plant them as close as possible to your chosen location.  Should you not wish to have the trees planted, we will plant the replacement trees in another location in the Township.

We would appreciate a little TLC given to these trees until they take root.  Due to the resources it would require, we will not guarantee the survival of the tree so your assistance is appreciated.