Township of Zorra
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Township of Zorra
The County of Oxford provides waste management services to the residents of the Township. Please visit the County of Oxford website for more information on garbage and recycling.

The current Waste Management Calendar is mailed out to all residents in the County each year in March.  If you did not receive a Waste Management Calendar, you can click here to request a calendar online, or you can pick one up at the Township office.

Available for sale at the Township office.

Composter $10.00, taxes included.

16 gallon Recycle Bin $4.50, taxes included.  This bin is to be used for paper, cardboard, newspapers, egg cartons, etc.

22 gallon Recycle Bin $5.50, taxes included.  This bin is for containers (plastic, drink cartons, cans, glass, etc.).

Pilot Project - recycle bin lids $1.50 each. 

Rain Barrel $45.00, taxes included.

Brush, Leaf and Yard Waste Depots
Did you know that Zorra has a free depot for brush, leaf and yard waste?  It is located across the road from the Kintore Public Works Shop at 783045 Road 78, just east of Highway 19.  Acceptable materials include:  fruits & vegetables, garden hedge & tree trimmings, grass, leaves, Halloween pumpkins, house & garden plants, brush (not longer than 6ft), Christmas Trees.  This depot is open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.  There is no charge for this service.