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Citizen Appointment Opportunities  

Are you are looking to make a difference in your community?  The Township of Zorra is looking for engaged citizens to participate on one of several boards and committees.  Our boards and committees are comprised of various residents, Township Staff, and/or members of Council.  Details of these committees are outlined below.  Please contact the Township Clerk for more information regarding committees at 519-485-2490 ext 228.  

The Committee shall coordinate, promote, collaborate, implement and evaluate the Township’s community celebration of the 150th Anniversary of Canada as well as other notable anniversaries to occur throughout 2017 at varying locations in the Township. Visit the Canada 150 page for details.

The purpose of the Zorra Local School Committee is to provide advice to Council regarding opportunities for the Township of Zorra to maximize economic development, and the ability to attract and retain residents, by developing a "School Retention Plan” in accordance with the Township’s Strategic Plan.  The ZLSC will also identify current and future opportunities to support youth in Zorra Township by enhancing the relationship between the Township of Zorra and its schools and thereby improving student well-being, and increased programme options.  Visit the ZLSC page for more information.

The Zorra Recreation Advisory Committee (ZRAC) reviews and provides public comments on the general recreation program of the Township of Zorra.  Visit the ZRAC page for more information!

The mandate of the Zorra Community Policing Committee is to advise on all aspects of the provision of police related matters in the Township of Zorra and to promote and maintain communication with the public.  Visit the ZCPC for more information!

The Zorra Water and Wheels Committee was established in 2016 to assist Township Council in making decisions with respect to a potential Skateboard Park and/or Spray Pad in Thamesford.  Visit the ZWWC page for more information.

Other Boards and Committees

Embro Cemetery Board
Ingersoll Rural Cemetery Board
Beachville & District Museum Board
Upper Thames River Conservation Authority

For information on any of these Other Boards & Committees, please contact the Township Office at 519-485-2490.

Fence Viewers

Fence-viewers appointed by council are responsible to examine the premises upon application and payment of fees by either adjoining landowner and shall hear evidence and may examine the owners and their witnesses on oath. The fence-viewers shall make an award respecting the dispute.  The fence-viewers shall:  describe the location of the fence; who shall construct the fence; the type of construction including the materials to be used; the date of completion; who shall be responsible for maintaining the fence; and shall state the percentage each owner is responsible for.


Each Poundkeeper shall provide premises for the enclosure and safe keeping of any animal or animals impounded, and shall ensure that the premises are clean and in good repair.  The Poundkeeper may establish from time to time temporary premises for the confinement of livestock apprehended within or outside the municipal boundary.  Each Poundkeeper shall detain impounded animals until the owner has paid the costs and charges of such impounding, care and keeping and appraised damages and if not paid shall be authorized to sell the animal(s) as set out in the appointment by-law and applicable legislation.

Poundkeeper By-law 62-11