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Current Gravel Pit Applications


The Township of Zorra has been advised that Walker Environmental Group will be seeking regulatory approvals including an Environmental Assessment from the province of Ontario to locate a landfill in a mined-out portion of a quarry owned by Carmeuse Lime.  The property is located in Lots 14 and 15, Concession 3 (North Oxford) north of the CN rail line and west of County Road 6.   

Mayor Margaret Lupton stated, “First and foremost the Township is concerned about the potential for serious long-term impacts on the Township and its residents.  The Township will need to have the proposal carefully reviewed by independent experts and will seek public consultation on the proposal throughout the Environmental Assessment process.  The Township will actively participate in the Environmental Assessment process with a team of experts that will assist Council and the residents.  Once the Township has a full understanding of the proposal and its potential impacts and has fully consulted with the public, the Township will take an informed position on the proposal.”  

The Township has retained Peter Pickfield as legal counsel to assist the Township throughout this process.  Mr. Pickfield has considerable experience in providing advice to municipalities concerning landfill projects.  

Further Information:  Walker Environmental Group has established a website and an office in Ingersoll at 160 Carnegie Street to provide further information on this proposal.   Click here to visit the Walker website.

Rabbit and Pheasant Hunting
Rabbit and pheasant licences are not required in the Township of Zorra – as noted in township by-law 43-09.  The Ministry of Natural Resources approved this and advises hunters that this change will be reflected In the 2013 Hunting Regulations Summary when it is published.  Therefore the 2012 Hunting Regulations summary is incorrect since it shows Zorra to be where a municipality licence is required to hunt pheasant and rabbit.

There is no bounty for Coyote hides through the County of Oxford office.   For further information, please contact the Ministry of Natural Resources, Aylmer office to enquire.  615 John Street North, Aylmer, ON N5H 2S8.  Telephone 519-773-9241.

Sunday Gun Hunting Information
Sunday gun hunting is not permitted in the Township of Zorra.  Click here for a map of municipalities  that allow gun hunting on Sundays.  Click here for a list of municipalities that permit gun hunting on Sundays.

Visit the MNR website for more information.