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Township of Zorra

The Township of Zorra has been advised that Walker Environmental Group will be seeking regulatory approvals including an Environmental Assessment from the province of Ontario to locate a landfill in a mined-out portion of a quarry owned by Carmeuse Lime. The property is located in Lots 14 and 15, Concession 3 (North Oxford) north of the CN rail line and west of County Road 6. View a map of the proposed location.

Mayor Margaret Lupton stated, “First and foremost the Township is concerned about the potential for serious long-term impacts on the Township and its residents.  The Township will need to have the proposal carefully reviewed by independent experts and will seek public consultation on the proposal throughout the Environmental Assessment process. The Township will actively participate in the Environmental Assessment process with a team of experts that will assist Council and the residents. Once the Township has a full understanding of the proposal and its potential impacts and has fully consulted with the public, the Township will take an informed position on the proposal.”

The Township has retained Peter Pickfield as legal counsel to assist the Township throughout this process. Mr. Pickfield has considerable experience in providing advice to municipalities concerning landfill projects.

Further Information:

Walker Environmental Group has established a website and an office in Ingersoll at 160 Carnegie Street to provide further information on this proposal.

The Joint Municipal Coordinating Committee is the voice of the municipalities most directly affected by a proposal for a large-scale landfill in southwestern Ontario: Zorra Township, the Town of Ingersoll, the Township of South-West Oxford, and the County of Oxford, which comprises Oxford's eight local area municipalities.

A website has been setup to keep residents informed about the process, including a timeline of events, as well as reports and news releases.

Visit the JMCC website.
"OPAL Alliance at its core is a group of concerned taxpayers and business owners that have banded together to stop this proposed landfill. Our membership includes people of all walks of life from industrial roofing to computer programming. We all live and enjoy our lives in Oxford County and many of us have significant family history here. The last thing any of us want to see is for our home, Oxford County, become a dump site for the rest of Ontario's garbage."  Quote from OPAL website. Visit the OPAL website by clicking hereRead the River Current newsletter here.