Township of Zorra
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Township of Zorra

Chief Administrative Officer
Don MacLeod
Phone: 519-485-2490 Ext 226  Fax: 519-485-2520  Email Don MacLeod

Karen Martin
Phone: 519-485-2490 Ext 228  Fax: 519-485-2520  Email Karen Martin

Records Management Coordinator/Executive Assistant
Lisa Teeple
Phone: 519-485-2490 Ext 221  Fax: 519-485-2520  Email Lisa Teeple

By-law Enforcement Officer
Mathew Paul
Phone: 519-485-2490 Ext 230  Fax: 519-485-2520  Email Mathew Paul

Meghan House
Phone: 519-485-2490 Ext 237  Fax: 519-485-2520  Email Meghan House
Oxford County Office Phone: 519-539-9800 Ext 3219

Chief Building Official/Drainage Superintendent
Mike Hughes
Phone: 519-485-2490 Ext. 224  Fax: 519-485-2520  Email Mike Hughes

Director of Finance
Maureen Simmons
Phone: 519-485-2490 Ext 225  Fax: 519-485-2520  Email Maureen Simmons

Tax Collector/Deputy Treasurer
Kelly Hall
Phone: 519-485-2490 Ext 222  Fax: 519-485-2520  Email Kelly Hall

Financial Services Clerk
Jenna Belleau
Phone: 519-485-2490 Ext 221  Fax: 519-485-2520  Email Jenna Belleau

Director of Public Works
Aden Corcoran
Phone: 519-485-2490 Ext 227  Fax: 519-485-2520  Email Aden Corcoran

Foreman - Embro Works Yard
Steve Oliver
Phone: 519-475-4088  Fax 519-485-2520  Email Embro Shop

Foreman - Kintore Works Yard
Derek Collins
Phone: 519-283-6335  Fax 519-485-2520  Email Kintore Shop

Fire Chief / CEMC
John McFarlan
Office:  519-485-2490 ext 240
Cell:  519-617-4606
Fax:  519-485-2520
Email John McFarlan

Embro District Chief
Matt Cockle
Cell: 519-494-3534  Fax: 519-485-2520  Email Embro Fire Department

Thamesford District Chief
Jim Manzer
Cell: 519-617-2540  Fax: 519-485-2520  Email Thamesford Fire Department

Uniondale District Chief
Paul Mitchell
Cell: 519-617-5357  Fax: 519-485-2520  Email Uniondale Fire Department

Thamesford District Recreation Centre  Phone: 519-285-2236  Email Thamesford Arena

Embro Zorra Community Centre  Phone: 519-475-6061  Email Embro Arena